GOP NEO in Hannover and Munich

The new has so many aspects. It is groundbreaking, forward-looking, cheeky, startling, sometimes shrill and transgressive. Or it presents the classic in a new guise. But always “Neo” exudes this tingling kick of freshness that no one can escape. The GOP show of the same name serves up all these facets of new to its audience: the great discoveries of the world’s festivals and circus schools are guests. And artists who are still young in years but have already earned the great medals of international stage art. Among them the “Togni Brothers”, who carry the skills of Italian artistic families into a new era. Discovered by the GOP and a real stage sensation. The spectacle is crowned by fresh live music, the tailor-made compositions of music all-rounder Holger Dieffendahl. Amazing acts, live music… What is still missing from this GOP newcomer format? Exactly. A charismatic host. We have the ideal cast for this role. Martin Quilitz exudes sovereignty, wit and repartee in perfect doses. With a touch of fatherly composure, he makes the spirited neo-cocktail a delight.

GOP NEO in Hannover (March & April)

GOP NEO in Munich (May & July)