Yo-Yo Performance

Time:3min~30min (1 Act)

I perform my act which is incorporated yoyo into dance and flips. You can enjoy watching not only the old tricks “walk the dog” “rock the baby” but also world-class tricks. Please check VIDEOS to see more my acts.

Required Space:(W)3m、(D)3m、(H)3m~

Yo-Yo Lesson, Workshop

Time:5min~60min (1 lesson)

I can respond to a wide range of targets, such as a “yo-yo class” that teaches a small number of people, and a “yo-yo experience session” where you can play yo-yo at your events and booths. (I can prepare the rental yo-yo for your event.)

Promotion & Collaboration with Your Product

I’m looking forward to your message about your collaboration suggestions and promotions!

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Media & Movie Performance

I’m looking forward to your message about  the performance suggestions on your media!

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